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Discover How You Can Start Your Own Business Coaching Enterprise Using Our System for Success!

“Had my 9th session with a Quantum Leap client today who grinned when I walked in and admitted one of his three offices
had their BEST EVER month over 200% of target. Again, powerful underlining of the value of the Quantum Leap program.”

Quantum Leap Business Advisor, UK.

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There are 3 Important Things You Need to
Succeed in Your Own Consulting Business

After 25 years in this field, we know how to start a consulting business. There are three important aspects to consider when starting a consulting or coaching business. 

These are…

#1: A system to produce a constant flow of quality clients for your business. With our system, you can be in the field with A-Grade clients quickly. We’ve had people up and running gaining clients in their very first month of operation!

#2: A system for keeping clients long term. Keeping clients for 12 months or more makes your consulting business both profitable and rewarding. You can use our first-class consulting programs and materials to keep clients engaged long-term. No need to reinvent the wheel, start producing results for your clients quickly.

#3: Ongoing support from people who have done what you are trying to do. A committed and supportive community helps keep you motivated and at your creative best. With Quantum Leap Business Advisor you’ll be part of a supportive international community. You’ll have access to a comprehensive Back Office resource library, regular learning webinars, local live training, national and international conferences, and dedicated one-to-one support. At Quantum Leap, support is our #1 value.

Included below is more information and videos on how the Quantum Leap system helps people just like you, to grow and expand their own unique coaching business. Take a look around…

People Rave About the Quantum Leap
Business Coach Success System…

Marilyn Burton, Australia

Martin Treasure, United Kingdom

Now You Can Be Part of a Growth Industry

The business advice industry continues to grow globally.

Imagine having your own profitable business, working from home, dealing with elite clients. This can become a delightful lifestyle business for you – flexible hours and executive-level income with low overheads and minimal risk. If you’ve wanted to get paid what you are worth for your business knowledge and experience, then this will be the most important advertisement you’ll read all year!

Here’s your opportunity to launch your own dynamic coaching business with a proven client acquisition methodology and matchless content for client coaching/consulting.

Now you can become an Independent Business Coach and facilitate a 12-Week business transformation program called Quantum Leap. We call ourselves Business Advisors for a good reason… this is more than just Business Coaching.

This is a blueprint for success.

Imagine helping small businesses to increase revenue and raise their level of profits. The focus is on team productivity, lead generation, sales, profit margin, and systems. Your clients will pay you from $200 and up to $1,000 per hour. This is an opportunity to start your own thriving consulting business.

This is not financial planning or accountancy. If you’ve had practical experience in business or management and you can understand the rigors of small business, this could be just right for you.

Be a part of a dynamic shift in small business mentoring. This is more than just Business Coaching. This is a structured, to the point system. It covers the 12 key strategies to maximise profits, free up key personnel to run the business (not be run by the business).

The 3 things you need to succeed are included in Quantum Leap

#1: A tested method with systems and templates for securing paying clients

#2: Beautifully structured and packaged programs for keeping clients on board with you

#3: An international support system to keep you motivated and pushing forward to your goals

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Wow what a day! I ran the first session of the Quantum Leap program with a new client today who I knew had an MBA . Here is the comment I received at the end of the session which is a true testament to the material. “I’m so glad I committed to this course I can see the value already in how much further ahead I’ll be then if I just continued with trial and error I now have a plan I can work to”. Quantum Leap Business Coach, Australia.

Discover How You Can Start Your
Own Business Coaching Enterprise
Using Our System for Success!

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Starting Your Own Coaching Business Allows
You to Enjoy Many Great Benefits, Including…

  • You can get paid for your knowledge and experience
  • You’ll stop selling your hours for dollars and get ahead
  • You’ll enjoy flexible hours to suit your priorities
  • You can work from home and save hours in commute
  • You can expand your reputation as a speaker and coach
  • You can work on stimulating client assignments
  • You can see the results of your advice first hand
  • You can make a real and meaningful difference
  • You’ll work with a wide range of different clients
  • You have extremely low overheads and minimal risk

Now You Can Leverage Your Business Experience and
Know-how to Start Your Own Consulting Business!

Imagine if you could join a thriving community that enabled you to draw on experienced support, access vital learning materials and source quality client coaching materials to help you build your own business. It’d be the best of both worlds – your own independent business and being part of a supportive international community who are all on the same journey. That’s what Quantum Leap Business Advisors’ gives you…

  • Training on how to win clients
  • Rare training on how to deliver a powerful keynote speech to secure multiple clients at once
  • Access to weekly training webinars
  • Modern online learning system covering all aspects of building a consulting business
  • You’ll be aligned with an experienced Master Coach who acts as an advisor and sounding
    board as you are building your business
  • Access to contemporary marketing materials
  • How to market events online
  • Powerful consultative selling training to secure profitable clients one-on-one
  • Group coaching materials to give you scale and balance of time and money
  • A delightful international community of professionals who all want to support each other
  • A leadership team who have all been in the field, winning clients and delivering programs.
    Not theory, just real hands-on experience to help you succeed.

This is a comprehensive package of training, live support, experienced advice, online training, a professional international community, ready-made systems and client materials that you can use to build your own business.

The Quantum Leap System Gets Results!

The program is so versatile. I am experiencing positive feedback from a range of business types and industries.

As for support in growing my business, the Quantum Leap Support System is world class. I have a library of information to tap into, weekly webinars and very regular contact with my internal Quantum Leap Mentors. All of this is focused on helping me to succeed. David Cairns

The program is succinct, to the point. Exactly what a business needs to start and stay on their journey to growth and profit improvement.

The marketing system to gain clients in terrific. Personally, I am experiencing a very high conversion rate into paying clients. For a person who has a good business head and wants to run their own consultancy business, this is a first class option. Marilyn Burton

It has been such a great pleasure to work with small businesses and help them make breakthroughs in their business. I’m helping them to solve the same problems I faced in business 20 years ago.

The Quantum Leap Business Advisor Program gives me the structure and the support to bring all of my knowledge and experience to other business owners. Best of all I can get paid to do what I am passionate about and love to do.
Martin Treasure

I had been consulting and advising businesses for over 20 years before I found Quantum Leap. The Quantum Leap Business Advisor program is a terrific system that allows you to help clients make a quantum leap in their business in the next 12 months.

I am happy to say this program has made a huge difference to my own business. This program is simple to sell and operate and can help you generate revenue you would not normally be able to. Being a Business Coach is really satisfying if you have the passion and the right mindset to help business owners. I have had great feedback from clients using the Quantum Leap program and they have got incredible results for a small investment. Warren Tapp

This is Your Opportunity to Start Your Own Consulting
Business and Produce Client Results Like This…

“Thank you James, for running the Quantum Leap Training Program over the past three months. We found the training to be very inspirational, energising, and liked the simple and affordable ideas for generating more leads and increasing profits. The personal help of writing a sales brochure has certainly brought in more qualified leads and business is booming! I’ll be using the training manual and handouts for a long time to come.” M. Farr,  Roof Plumber.
“Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the Quantum Leap Program. Steve and I enjoyed every session and have taken so much information away. It has allowed us to look in depth to our Business and get to know it intimately once again. One of the huge benefits of the program for me, was understanding the involvement of our Staff …I would recommend any business owner to get in touch with their business by attending your 90-Day Program. Thanks again and we look forward to working with you in the future.” Steve and Leigh,Smash Repairs Business.
Marilyn recently coached me, as a Small Business Owner, through the Quantum Leap Program. The program itself has been of enormous benefit to my Business in terms of the way I manage my financial position, my client relationships, my business to business relationships and day to day running’s of my business. I am not only more efficient with my time, I am now also equipped to better manage my staff to ensure they achieve more efficiency with their time also, which has ultimately equated to increased profits for my business. Marilyn was an incredible coach. She took the time to understand every facet of my business and always provided relevant examples and information specifically related to my business to ensure I could implement her strategies quickly and efficiently, without confusion. Her extensive knowledge and experience in business management is evident and there is no hurdle or problem that she does not have a strategy to overcome. She is extremely professional in her conduct and I will be sure to maintain contact with Marilyn, despite having now completed the Program with her. I would not hesitate to recommend Marilyn, as an experienced business coach, to anyone wanting to start a business or take their business to the next level. Donna Guyler, Owner Donna Guyler Interior Design
“I’m mid-way through the Quantum Leap Programme with Martin: The sessions provide practical and achievable changes which, session by session, build a really valuable plan to grow my business and look to the future. Some of the sessions we’ve done already have been immensely thought-provoking, yet all offer attainable, inexpensive ‘options for change’ that I can take and apply immediately. Martin’s positivity and dynamic style of delivery help me look at my business in a new and different way.” Mike Perry, Financial Consultant, Hertfordshire, UK

Imagine Earning What You’re Worth
as an Independent Business Coach

Imagine earning what you’re worth as an independent business consultant. You’ll enjoy a proven client acquisition system, quality consulting materials and first-class support from people who’ve actually done it! With all of this, you can make a real difference in the lives of small business owners.

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Discover How the Quantum Leap System Can Help
You Succeed as an Independent Business Coach

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James McNamara

James McNamara
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