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How to Secure Clients and Build a Lifestyle Business as a Successful Advisor, Consultant or Coach

Designed for People with Passion, Drive and Ambition!

Free Live Webinar with James McNamara and Martin Treasure

TESTIMONIAL It has been such a great pleasure to work with small businesses and help them make breakthroughs in their business. I’m helping them to solve the same problems I faced in business 20 years ago.  The Quantum Leap Business Advisor Program gives me the structure and the support to bring all of my knowledge and experience to other business owners. Best of all I can get paid to do what I am passionate about and love to do. Martin Treasure.

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Discover The 3 Missing Elements You Need To Succeed In Your Own Coaching Business

A reliable method for securing paying clients

A structured coaching program to use with clients

Real-world support from experience people who’ve already done it

“I had been consulting and advising businesses for over 20 years before I found Quantum Leap. The Quantum Leap Business Advisor program is a terrific system that allows you to help clients make a quantum leap in their business in the next 12 months. I am happy to say this program has made a huge difference to my own business. This program is simple to sell and operate and can help you generate revenue you would not normally be able to. Being a Business Coach is really satisfying if you have the passion and the right mindset to help business owners. I have had great feedback from clients using the Quantum Leap program and they have got incredible results for a small investment. “ Warren Tapp.
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