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Read This Before You Buy a Franchise under $10K in the US.

STOP! Don’t buy a business.

  • Make money from business instead
  • Become a business coach
  • Trained or we will train you
  • No staff, no rent, no stock …no dramas!
  • Business coaches needed now across the country
  • Ongoing, high-level support.

Here’s How You Can Profit From Your Business Knowledge and Experience

Dear Entrepreneur,

Why buy a business, when you can make money
helping other businesses succeed?

Do you have a flair for sales, marketing, teamwork or business improvement? If so you could be well suited to a new career as an independent business coach.

Imagine getting paid for your know-how. Best of all, there are none of the dramas of traditional business. No stock, no staff, no rent, no hassles!

Quantum Leap Business Advisors Pty Ltd is an international community of independent coaches and advisors. These people use their experience and passion for business to help local business owners succeed.

People from diverse business backgrounds are succeeding with the Quantum Leap Business Advisors Pty Ltd system for coaches.

Click the button to watch some short videos to see if business coaching could be for you. The first video is a quick overview from the Founder.

“Business coaching is booming. One in six entrepreneurs surveyed are 
turning to a business coach to become more professionally capable.”


It’s Never Been Easier For You to
Cash in on a Booming Industry!


Profit From Your Experience

Get paid what you are worth for your knowledge and years of experience.


Systems to Secure Paying Clients

Learn the system we’ve used to secure profitable coaching clients in 5 countries.


Real World Support

You’re not on your own. You’ll have regular personal access to people who have done what you’re trying to do.


Ready-Made Coaching Programs

No need to re-invest the wheel. Use our programs with your clients.


Thriving International Community

Learn from and become friends with energetic coaches and consultants from 5 countries.


Leadership Opportunities

Solid performers can be invited to help lead our continued international expansion.

Martin Treasure

Martin Treasure

“It has been such a great pleasure to work with small businesses and help them make breakthroughs in their business. I’m helping them to solve the same problems I faced in business 20 years ago.
The Quantum Leap Business Advisor Program gives me the structure and the support to bring all of my knowledge and experience to other business owners. Best of all I can get paid to do what I am passionate about and love to do.”